Free Pattern: Valentine's Baby Bear

Hey, all! Valentine's Day is tomorrow and I have a FREE pattern for you to celebrate with! I know it's hopelessly late and you won't be able to make one for this year, but I knew that if I waited until next year, I'd end up being just as late. So, go ahead and make one early in time for NEXT Valentine's Day!

I actually published this pattern three years ago, and it was my first ever free pattern and one of my first blog posts! So rather than being redundant and writing it all out again, to get to the pattern check out the original post HERE.

What makes this version unique is that I've added FREE Valentine's Day printable cards to go along with the bears making them perfect to give to your loved ones or make a bunch for your child's school!

I did the same thing for my Baby Honey Bee pattern two years ago and you can check that out HERE.

But this time, we've got some fun bear puns!

Once again, check out the FREE pattern for these baby bears HERE. If you would like to support me monetarily (so I can keep producing free content) by buying the ad-free, concise PDF version of the pattern, you can do so HERE.

Download the FREE Valentine's Day printables below. There are six different cards available, so you'll be sure to find one that is just right!

I hope you enjoy making these cuties! Be sure and tag me in your posts if you decide to make one! I'm @storyland_amis on Instagram and Storyland Amis on Facebook!

~Holly :)

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