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Free Whale Pattern for Operation Gratitude

Hey, all!

Today I’d like to share something very special with you. I was asked by (formerly LoveCrochet), to design a simple and easy crochet pattern for Operation Gratitude. What is Operation Gratitude, you ask? Well, it’s a wonderful care package company that sends care packages nation-wide to soldiers, veterans, wounded war heroes, first responders, and military families.

Operation Gratitude has sent out over 2 million care packages since 2003. This year, their goal is to send out over half a million!

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500 Toys for Syrian Refugees: An Interview with Chubby Knots Crochet

Hey, ya’ll! One of the things I love about being on Instagram is getting to meet all sorts of amazing and talented people. Earlier this year I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Justine of Chubby Knots over on Instagram. At the time I started following her, she was preparing to leave on a trip to Lebanon. During that time she started making a few toys to pass out to the Syrian refugee children there and asked on her page if others would like to help out too. What happened next surprised all of us! Continue reading 500 Toys for Syrian Refugees: An Interview with Chubby Knots Crochet

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Pattern: Baby Jellyfish Amigurumi

Hey, ya’ll! It feels like it’s been forever since my last free baby animal pattern! So I’m back with a cute little jellyfish pattern to help you finish your summer off. I’ve made three different versions of these jellies so you can make one with long tentacles or short and stubby tentacles. (The chubby one makes me think of a thimble jellyfish!) You can also make your jelly be a girl by adding eyelashes and a cute heart bow! Continue reading Pattern: Baby Jellyfish Amigurumi

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Pattern: Extreme Amigurumi Fox

Hey, ya’ll! I’m so excited to announce that my Extreme Freddy Fox has been made into a crochet kit on Wool Couture Company here. If you’re looking to make your own extreme fox you won’t find a better deal than this! The kit is extremely affordable and it comes with all the wool you’ll need plus a 40mm crochet hook. And Claire of Wool Couture has graciously given me a 10% off coupon code especially for you all. (Use code We-love-Freddy at checkout to receive the discount.) Continue reading Pattern: Extreme Amigurumi Fox

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Extreme Amigurumi

The term “extreme crochet” and “extreme knitting” has been popping up all over the internet these days and has become wildly popular. I love the look of extreme crochet, and when I see a big crochet hook and yarn, the first word that pops into my head is, “fun”. It just looks so fun to work with! While I’ve seen beautiful big blankets, rugs, cushions and other wearable or household items, I hadn’t seen many people try and create an extreme amigurumi. And once that thought got stuck in my mind I could not get it out again! I HAD to try it! I mean, what could be better than a giant, huggable amigurumi? Continue reading Extreme Amigurumi

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Pattern: Zippy the Baby Sloth

NOTE: You can buy an ad-free beautifully formatted and concise version (only 7 pages long) of this pattern on my Etsy shop HERE, or on Craftsy HERE, or LoveCrochet HERE. Otherwise, the free pattern is available right here!

Meet Zippy the Baby Sloth! Zippy is a very friendly little sloth. He needs lots of love, so be sure and give him all the cuddles! I had so much fun designing this little guy and I hope you have as much fun making him. Continue reading Pattern: Zippy the Baby Sloth

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Free Pattern: Winston the Baby Bear

I’m proud to introduce you to Winston, the Baby Bear! Now you can make your own baby Winston because I’ve written up the free pattern for him, and here it is! 

I think these little bears look perfect paired with a bear pun Valentine’s Day card, so I’ve gone ahead and made up six different cards that you can download and print out below. Using yarn, tie your bear to the front of the card and give your Valentine something extra special this year! 

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