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Prehistoric Amigurumi Design Contest

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Hello, all! is having their annual design contest again and this year the theme is prehistoric creatures!

I created two original designs to submit as my entries this year! I’d be so honored and grateful if you felt like voting for me! You can vote HERE. You must vote for ten designs for your vote to count. After you vote you’ll receive an email and you’ll need to click the link in it to confirm your vote. Continue reading Prehistoric Amigurumi Design Contest

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“Whimsical Stitches” Book Review & Giveaway

Hey, all! Today I’m bringing you a very special book review (and a giveaway!) for a very special book by a good friend of mine. Introducing, “Whimsical Stitches” by Lauren Espy, or as you may know her, A Menagerie Of Stitches!

How cute is just the front cover? I knew the moment I laid eyes on this book that I was going to love it. And oh, my! I am so in love with it and all the cute designs! Picking a favorite one is impossible.

As soon as I received it I made a macaron . . . five actually . . . all in one day. They are so fun and colorful I just couldn’t resist! Look how adorable they are!  Continue reading “Whimsical Stitches” Book Review & Giveaway

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Free Pattern: Burt the Baby Honey Bee

Free Amigurumi Bumble Bee Pattern-Storyland Amis

Hey, all! Valentine’s Day is coming up and I’ve decided to give my baby bee pattern a makeover and write it up for FREE here on my blog!

I think these little bees look perfect paired with a bee pun Valentine’s Day card, so I’ve gone ahead and made up three different cards that you can download and print out below. Using yarn, tie your bee to the front of the card and give your Valentine something extra special this year!  Continue reading Free Pattern: Burt the Baby Honey Bee

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TurboTax Inspired Teddy Bear

Storyland Amis-TurboTax Inspired Teddy Bear Amigurumi

Hey, all! As most of you probably know, I don’t usually take custom orders unless they’re really special. I prefer to focus on developing new patterns and then selling those finished animals that I have as a result of testing my own patterns. But every once in awhile I’ll get a custom request that I just can’t refuse!

A couple weeks ago I received one of those requests and I just had to take it on! The customer requested a TurboTax inspired teddy bear for his girlfriend’s birthday since she loves the little teddy bear from their commercial so much.  Continue reading TurboTax Inspired Teddy Bear

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Part 2 How to Design Your Own Amigurumi: Finding the YOU in Your Style

Read part 1 HERE.

Welcome to part 2 of my new design series! As promised last week, today’s subject is about how to find your own unique style. One that is different from everyone else’s.

I don’t know about you, but one of my greatest struggles was finding my own unique amigurumi style apart from everyone else’s. After all, no one likes a copycat, right?

Before we begin, let me just say this:

The truth is, we ALL have our own unique style whether we know it or not. Continue reading Part 2 How to Design Your Own Amigurumi: Finding the YOU in Your Style

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Part 1 How to Design Your Own Amigurumi: You Don’t Have to Design Your Own Patterns

Yup, you read that title right. You don’t have to design your own patterns.

I told you it might surprise you that the first article in my design series is about how you don’t have to design your own patterns, but I really feel like before we delve into how to design, we need to talk about why we design and if we should design. And also help you feel secure in what you can and can’t do.


I see people on social media frequently commenting on how they don’t know how people design and they could never do that. And I also see people replying to those comments and saying something like, “Oh, I’m sure you could! Everyone can design!” Continue reading Part 1 How to Design Your Own Amigurumi: You Don’t Have to Design Your Own Patterns

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How to Design Your Own Amigurumi – New Design Series

It’s 2018 and it’s time for a new series of articles. A new series of articles about designing!

There comes a point in every crocheters life when they decide that they want to start designing their own patterns.

The question is, how do you go about designing something of your own? Something unique and unlike any other designers pattern?

Actually, when I asked on Instagram what people’s questions and struggles were when it comes to designing, the number one question was, “How do I create something unique without copying someone else’s design?” Continue reading How to Design Your Own Amigurumi – New Design Series

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Two Year Anniversary

Hi, guys! I can’t believe it, but today marks the two year anniversary of Storyland Amis! It was two years ago on November 30th that I opened up my Etsy shop and started sharing my creations with the world! I had been preparing for my big opening for months, almost a year to be exact. I wanted everything in my shop to be designed by me and I wanted to be prepared and have a lot of inventory before I started. Plus, before November 24th I hadn’t even graduated from high school yet, and my parents wanted me to wait on opening my shop until after then. (Being homeschooled, we had our school year from January to October, hence the reason I graduated in November.) Continue reading Two Year Anniversary

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Cuddle-Sized Polar Bear Pattern

Hey, ya’ll! I’ve just published Paddy the Polar Bear’s pattern and you can find it HERE! I had a lot of fun designing this guy, so I hope you have fun making him. His chubby cheeks have been stealing people’s hearts ever since I first designed him as a part of my Christmas in July Project. I want to make him with different colored scarves and I also want to make a brown bear using his pattern! You’ll also be able to purchase a finished polar bear in my next shop restock happening next month if you don’t crochet, so keep an eye out! Continue reading Cuddle-Sized Polar Bear Pattern

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30k Followers Pattern Giveaway

Hey, ya’ll! I was very excited to recently have hit 30,000 followers on Instagram! I mean, that is really just mind-blowing! Last year at this time I had three to four thousand followers and it’s incredible to think how my account has grown since then. I’m very grateful to all of you for making that happen. If it wasn’t for Instagram I wouldn’t have the business I have. God has blessed me tremendously and sometimes I’m overwhelmed with what He’s done for me.  Continue reading 30k Followers Pattern Giveaway

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Cuddle-Sized Gingerbread Pattern

Hey, ya’ll! Most of you have probably already seen in the shop that the Gingerbread Twins’ pattern is now available for purchase, but I wanted to write a post just in case you hadn’t! You can find their pattern HERE. This pattern has been long-awaited by many of you and I’m just thrilled with how many of you have already purchased it and started making your cuties! Continue reading Cuddle-Sized Gingerbread Pattern