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Free Pattern: Baby Pig Farm Animal

**NOTE: You can find an ad-free, beautifully formatted and concise version of this pattern available in my shop HERE. Supporting my website in this way ensures that I’ll be able to release many more free patterns in the future! :)

Hey, all! I’m super excited to bring you another free pattern! This time I’ll be releasing a whole series of baby farm animals over the next few months. The first one I’ll be sharing is this baby pig.

Last year I had a custom order from a long-time customer for eight mini farm animals. At the time, I promised to share their patterns with you all. Now I’m finally getting around to doing just that!  Continue reading Free Pattern: Baby Pig Farm Animal

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My New Website: A Dream Come True

Hey, ya’ll! I’m sure most of you have already noticed my newly revamped website, but I wanted to take a moment to talk a little bit about it!

When I first started my blog it was just a blog and I didn’t have a store on my site. If you wanted to buy patterns from me you had to buy them on Etsy or one of my other pattern outlets. Continue reading My New Website: A Dream Come True