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Free Pattern: Baby Lamb Farm Animal

Free Lamb Amigurumi Crochet Pattern Storyland Amis


Happy March, ya’ll! I have another free farm animal pattern for you today! Be sure and check out my first two, Billy the Baby Pig, and Cooper the Rooster.

Meet Lyla the Lamb! Lyla is a bouncy little lamb who is always sticking her nose where it shouldn’t be. Lyla has a way with others, though, and can make friends with just about anyone. She’s even good friends with the sheepdogs!

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Free Pattern: Rooster Farm Animal

Storyland Amis, Free Amigurumi Crochet Pattern, Rooster

**NOTE: You can find an ad-free, beautifully formatted and concise version of this pattern available in my shop HERE. Supporting my website in this way ensures that I’ll be able to release many more free patterns in the future! :)

Hello! Today I’m happy to bring you the second addition to my mini farm animal series! This one is Cooper the Rooster! Some of you might be familiar with Cooper already as he was part of my 100 amigurumi countdown a couple years back AND he was also the first pattern I ever released! Now, since he’s part of the farm animal series, I’ve decided to give his pattern away for free!

So meet Cooper, the cutest (and certainly the most huggable), rooster in the coop! Cooper is a little bit shy, but in spite of that, he still loves to spend time with his friends. (That means YOU!)

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An Amigurumists Gift Guide

Hello, friends! Christmas is so close already so I thought I’d put together a little amigurumists/crocheters gift guide to help you buy the perfect gift for your crafty friends!

Beginner-Friendly Amigurumi Guide

Storyland Amis, Crochers Gift Guide

This adorable, beginner-friendly book by Etsy seller, Mohu, will guide you through the basics of making amigurumi! Perfect for kids or someone who still hasn’t mastered the basics! (This is not a kit, just a book to teach you the basics.) Find the book HERE.

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Prehistoric Amigurumi Design Contest

Storyland Amis, AmigurumiPatterns Prehistoric Design Contest, Woolly Mammoth, Caveboy, Crochet

Hello, all! is having their annual design contest again and this year the theme is prehistoric creatures!

I created two original designs to submit as my entries this year! I’d be so honored and grateful if you felt like voting for me! You can vote HERE. You must vote for ten designs for your vote to count. After you vote you’ll receive an email and you’ll need to click the link in it to confirm your vote. Continue reading Prehistoric Amigurumi Design Contest

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Extreme Amigurumi: Bubbles the Unicorn Crochet Kit

Storyland Amis, Extreme Amigurumi Crochet Unicorn, Premier Yarns

I know it’s been forever since I posted about the first two extreme amis I designed for Premier Yarns, but I still have one more member to introduce to you! I figured better late than never, right?

And now that Christmas is just around the corner, wouldn’t these extreme amis make the ultimate Christmas gifts? And the kits would surely make the best Christmas gifts for the crocheters in your life! You can find all three kits HERE.

Also, read about Blossom the Bunny and Owen the Owl HERE and HERE. Continue reading Extreme Amigurumi: Bubbles the Unicorn Crochet Kit

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Become A Storyland Amis Maker

Over the last two years, it has become apparent to me that I will never be able to take on as many custom orders as I would like to. I get messages from people almost on a daily basis wanting me to make them one of my amis. About 99.9% of the time I end up saying “no” because I just don’t have the time anymore to take custom orders while at the same time giving pattern designing the attention it needs. And as I work on expanding my blog and website, custom orders keep taking a back seat. Continue reading Become A Storyland Amis Maker

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Extreme Amigurumi: Blossom the Bunny Crochet Kit

Storyland Amis, Extreme Bunny Amigurumi Crochet Kit

And here is the second extreme ami that I designed for Premier Yarns! Meet Blossom the Bunny!

When Blossom was a baby, the other bunnies used to make fun of her because her ears were so long. After a while, Blossom learned to ignore what the other bunnies thought about her and embraced her uniqueness. (A lesson we all need to learn!)

Blossom’s amigurumi kit is now available on the Premier Yarns website HERE. It’s on sale right now and only available in limited quantities, so hurry!  Continue reading Extreme Amigurumi: Blossom the Bunny Crochet Kit

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Extreme Amigurumi: Owen the the Owl Crochet Kit

Storyland Amis, Extreme Crochet Amigurumi Owl

Hey, guys! I’m back with another extreme amigurumi! This time it’s an owl and it’s the first in a series of three giant amis that I designed for Premier Yarns. His kit can be found HERE.

When Premier Yarns contacted me and asked if I’d like to design three patterns using their Couture Jazz yarn I jumped at the chance.

Premier Yarns sells their yarn at JoAnn’s and it was so surreal going there and seeing all their yarn available!

We settled on three designs that I would make. An owl, a bunny, and a unicorn. Continue reading Extreme Amigurumi: Owen the the Owl Crochet Kit

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Christmas in July: Angel

Hello, all! Today I’m bringing you the third addition to my Christmas in July project!

I wasn’t sure how I was going to make this little angel and I almost marked him off my list. I wasn’t feeling inspired to create him and couldn’t come up with any good design ideas.

But then, inspiration struck and I came up with this cutie! Continue reading Christmas in July: Angel

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Christmas in July: Santa Claus

Storyland Amis-Christmas in July-Santa Claus Amigurumi Pattern

UPDATE: Santa’s pattern is now available HERE.

Hello, all! I’m a little late posting this here on the blog, but it’s Christmas in July again!

Last year I started a Christmas in July project so that I would have Christmas designs ready in time for the holidays. I ended up with six really cute designs that you can see below!  Continue reading Christmas in July: Santa Claus

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“Whimsical Stitches” Book Review & Giveaway

Hey, all! Today I’m bringing you a very special book review (and a giveaway!) for a very special book by a good friend of mine. Introducing, “Whimsical Stitches” by Lauren Espy, or as you may know her, A Menagerie Of Stitches!

How cute is just the front cover? I knew the moment I laid eyes on this book that I was going to love it. And oh, my! I am so in love with it and all the cute designs! Picking a favorite one is impossible.

As soon as I received it I made a macaron . . . five actually . . . all in one day. They are so fun and colorful I just couldn’t resist! Look how adorable they are!  Continue reading “Whimsical Stitches” Book Review & Giveaway