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Hello, all! It's that time of year when we need to start seriously start thinking about Christmas gifts, so I've put together a little gift guide for you to browse through. As a small business owner myself, I know how incredibly important it is to support other small businesses, especially around the holidays. When I was younger, my sisters and I went to craft fairs every year around Christmas time and were always so grateful to each and every person who supported us by buying something from our table. I still feel so grateful when people support my shop during the holidays! And it makes me feel incredibly happy when I know my crocheted animals are going to people all over the world as Christmas gifts and that my patterns are being made up into special, one-of-a-kind presents. Imagine that! When I was a little girl, my Mom decided that she wanted Christmas to be less about store-bought gifts and more about thoughtful, handmade gifts. In this world of materialism and thoughtless giving (especially when we rush to the store at literally, the last minute to do our Christmas shopping), she thought it would be more meaningful if we started on our Christmas presents early and made them ourselves. These many years later, I still believe that giving a handmade gift has a lot more meaning than buying one from the store. Even if you weren't the one to make it, giving something that was made with love and care by a small business owner has a special meaning to it. It says, "I really thought about this gift that I'm giving you and I made sure it was something you love made just the way you want." This little guide of ten carefully picked items has special, sentimental meaning for me as I'll explain underneath each item. So here you go. A list of ten really great Etsy finds! 1. Cinnamon Bun Soaps - Etsy shop "Aubrey E Apothecary" il_570xN.251684413.jpg Can you believe that these realistic and adorable cinnamon rolls are actually little soap bars? When we were younger and couldn't think of a good gift, soap was a safe, go-to gift option. You can always use soap and when it's in cute shapes, it makes the perfect gift for someone who has everything! You can find them HERE. 2. Pink Doughnut Cushion - Etsy shop "Hannah Doodle" il_570xN.1206422752_5f5h.jpg How cute is this kawaii, doughnut cushion? I love how colorful it is, and that it has a cute, little smile. This brings back another Christmas memory for me! When my sisters and I were little, my older sister, Heather made pillows for us with pictures of our pet hamsters and gerbils on the front. This is another one of those gifts for someone who has everything! You can find this cutie HERE. 3. Cookie Notebook - Etsy shop "Caribou Milk" il_570xN.1098045322_kni6.jpg Now, THIS is unique! In case you're wondering, this is not actually a cookie, it's a notebook! When I was younger if I got a notebook or journal for Christmas I was a very happy girl! I used to faithfully write in a diary every day, so books were always in demand. You can find this notebook HERE. 4. Sheep Plushie Pattern - Etsy shop "Teacup Lion" il_570xN.1117598117_8ldi.jpg Can I just say how much I love these roly-poly lambs? Years ago I used to have a plush lamb collection which was increased many a year during Christmas. If I had seen these little guys I know I would have wanted them! This is the pattern to make them, and would make a great gift for a lamb enthusiast who sews! (Or if you sew, you could make them for someone who loves lambs!) You can find the pattern HERE. 5. Hand-dyed Rainbow Jump Rope - Etsy shop "Jupiter's Child" il_570xN.523630668_4gkn My Mom loves old-fashioned, wooden, and rainbow toys, so I know that this hand-dyed jump rope is just like something my sisters and I would have gotten for Christmas! We used to play outside all the time and so naturally jumping rope was part of our outdoor activities. I remember getting a bright red jump rope for Christmas one year. You can find this beautiful one HERE. 6. Knit Christmas Tree Pattern - Etsy shop "The Sitting Tree" il_570xN.522178261_m7ph.jpg Any knitters out there? My sister, Heather loved to knit and she made a set of Christmas trees just like these using this very pattern for Christmas one year! I think it's so fun that their trunks are actually wooden! This pattern would make a good gift for your knitter friends and family, or if you knit yourself, you could whip some up as gifts. You can find it HERE. 7. Punny Mugs - Etsy shop "A Little Leafy" One of my favorite Etsy sellers is Stef of A Little Leafy, so naturally, I was thrilled when my younger sister, Hannah bought me the "Royal-Tea" mug last year for Christmas. Honestly, though, if I had to choose another mug, I would have such a hard time picking just one! They are all so cute, especially the "coffee-saur" one. (If you know me, you know how much I adore t-rex's!) Mugs are perfect gifts for those who love drinking tea or coffee! Find the "Coffee-Saur" one HERE Find the "Royal-Tea" one HERE Find the "I Need the Unwind" one HERE Find the "Festivi-Tea" one HERE 8. Mini Donut Bath Bombs - Etsy shop "Tres Monkeys Shop" il_570xN.1377948685_ogxh Can you believe these cute little doughnuts are actually bath bombs? I remember getting and giving bath bombs for Christmas on numerous occasions! Taking a real bath with something fun and fragrant was always a special treat in our house and bath bombs were always the favorite! You can find these cuties HERE. 9. Whale Pencil Sharpeners - Etsy shop "Dojore" il_570xN.1276564451_dppx.jpg I know these aren't actually handmade (although they are from Etsy), but I just couldn't resist adding these to my gift guide because they bring back an especially memorable Christmas memory. When my sisters and I were little girls, my Mom bought each of us a pencil sharpener for Christmas and put them in our stockings. Back then we used to color all the time, so this was a logical gift. But when we opened our stockings on Christmas morning you would have thought she had put a million dollars in each one! We were literally screaming with joy! I'm still not sure why we were so overjoyed, but it sure is funny watching the movie my Dad took of the whole thing! You can find these cute whale sharpeners HERE. 10. Stay Cozy Greeting Card - Etsy shop "Art + Soul Creative Co." il_570xN.950652768_s6jm And last but not least, let's not forget the cards! Every good present needs a special card to accompany it. My younger sister, Hannah used to give everyone two or three cards each for Christmas and birthdays! She's still the queen of cards in the family and makes a special effort to give everyone a special and personalized card. You can find this adorable card HERE. That's all for now! I hope you enjoyed this little gift guide! I certainly had fun going through Christmas pictures and thinking of unique things to add to it. Did any of these things bring back special memories for you? Which one of these finds is your favorite? Will you be shopping small this Christmas? ~Holly :) Follow my blog with Bloglovin or subscribe via email! The post “Shop Small Gift Guide” first appeared on Storyland Amis Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.

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