How to Design Your Own Amigurumi - New Design Series

It's 2018 and it's time for a new series of articles. A new series of articles about designing! There comes a point in every crocheters life when they decide that they want to start designing their own patterns. The question is, how do you go about designing something of your own? Something unique and unlike any other designers pattern? Actually, when I asked on Instagram what people's questions and struggles were when it comes to designing, the number one question was, "How do I create something unique without copying someone else's design?" Well, I can't wait to dive into this series and be able to offer a little advice to those struggling! Right now I'm collecting my thoughts and getting ready for the first post. (It might surprise you what it's going to be about.) Before we begin, though, what are YOUR questions about designing? What do you struggle with most when designing your own patterns? Let me know! See you next week! ~Holly :) Follow my blog with Bloglovin or subscribe via email!

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