Free Whale Pattern for Operation Gratitude

Hey, all!

Today I'd like to share something very special with you. I was asked by (formerly LoveCrochet), to design a simple and easy crochet pattern for Operation Gratitude. What is Operation Gratitude, you ask? Well, it's a wonderful care package company that sends care packages nation-wide to soldiers, veterans, wounded war heroes, first responders, and military families.

Operation Gratitude has sent out over 2 million care packages since 2003. This year, their goal is to send out over half a million!

How can you help?

LoveCrafts has partnered with Operation Gratitude to contribute handmade items for their care packages. They've commissioned four different designers (myself included) to design a pattern specifically for the project and pre-approved by Operation Gratitude!

There are both knit and crochet designs so no matter your skills, you can help!

I've designed the crochet amigurumi pattern for the project. Meet Wendy and Wyatt the Whales!

You can help by choosing one of the patterns (or maybe make one of each!) and sending it in to Operation Gratitude. Find the guidelines and address HERE.

Each pattern is completely free and all are available from the LoveCrafts website HERE.

I told LoveCrafts that being involved with Operation Gratitude is truly an honor. I'm so grateful I can show my deep appreciation in this small way to the men and women who work to protect us in so many different ways every day! I think that being able to make something handmade is an extra special way of saying ‘thank you’, and letting someone know that they are worth the time it takes to make that handmade item. We crafters know that there's no better way to show someone you truly care than by making them something with your hands.

I hope you'll consider making one or two items for Operation Gratitude this year. Make sure to tag me in your social media posts if you make one of my whales and use hashtags #makinggratitude and #storylandamis.

~Holly :)

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