An Amigurumists Gift Guide

Hello, friends! Christmas is so close already so I thought I'd put together a little amigurumists/crocheters gift guide to help you buy the perfect gift for your crafty friends!

Beginner-Friendly Amigurumi Guide

Storyland Amis, Crochers Gift Guide

This adorable, beginner-friendly book by Etsy seller, Mohu, will guide you through the basics of making amigurumi! Perfect for kids or someone who still hasn't mastered the basics! (This is not a kit, just a book to teach you the basics.) Find the book HERE.

Elephant Amigurumi Kit

Elephant Amigurumi Kit

You'll want to pair that book with an easy and fast crochet kit to help them put their newly acquired skills to use! This kit by the same Etsy seller, Mohu, has all the craft materials you need to make your own super cute elephant! (Hook not included.) You can find it HERE. Also, check out her other kits HERE.

Flying Saucer Crochet Kit

If you want a more advanced amigurumi kit, you'll definitely want to check this amazing flying saucer kit from Etsy seller, Lalylala! Any intermediate to advanced crocheter will definitely appreciate the detail and design! (I would!) It has everything you need to make this stinkin' cute baby mobile! (Hook not included.) Check it out HERE. Also, check out her other kits HERE.

Embroidery Scissors

Don't let the name fool you! These scissors from Etsy seller, Stitches n Giggles 4U, are definitely not just for embroidery! No crocheter should be without a small pair of sharp embroidery scissors to cut their yarn ends and help them make flawless pom poms! You can find these ones HERE.

Embroidery Scissor Polka Dot Sheath

I love these adorable and modern scissor sheaths from Etsy seller Snuggly Monkey! They are practical and chic and come in so many great colors! (Scissors not included.) You can find them HERE.

Pom Pom Maker

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate this amazing pom pom maker from Etsy seller, Pom Maker? Who wouldn't want a doughnut pom pom maker? I know that I do! And I'd be very happy if I got one for Christmas! You can find it HERE. They also have a lot of other cute pom pom makers that you should check out HERE.

Snowflake Crochet Hook

Every crocheter wants a special crochet hook and Etsy seller from, The Speckled Clay, has a huge variety of adorable, custom hooks ranging from your favorite Disney princess to Harry Potter. Check out this beautiful snowflake hook HERE. Check out all her other hooks HERE.

Project Bag

This, guys, is the ultimate! I take this bag from Etsy seller, Ami Amore, with me literally everywhere I go! No joke. I love mine to pieces and honestly couldn't recommend it more! It's extremely well-made and is such a beautiful design! It fits my projects perfectly. This will certainly be well-loved and used by any crocheter! You can find it HERE. Also check out her other bags HERE.

That's all for now! I hope you have a truly wonderful Christmas season! And I hope it's filled with lots of crafting and homemade goodies! (And that you're able to find the perfect gift for your special someone!)

~Holly :)

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