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Materials I Used – Chinese New Year Dog Pattern

Hey, all! It’s been over a month since I published my puppy dog pattern, but I’m trying to put a post together after each new pattern, listing the exact materials I used. That way, if you want to use what I used, you’ll know where to find it!

First off, you can find Chet’s pattern HERE. I’ve loved seeing the adorable versions that others have come up with using this pattern and I can’t wait to see yours too!

Below are listed the materials I used to make Chet and links to purchase them! Continue reading Materials I Used – Chinese New Year Dog Pattern

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Free Pattern: Burt the Baby Honey Bee

Free Amigurumi Bumble Bee Pattern-Storyland Amis

Hey, all! Valentine’s Day is coming up and I’ve decided to give my baby bee pattern a makeover and write it up for FREE here on my blog!

I think these little bees look perfect paired with a bee pun Valentine’s Day card, so I’ve gone ahead and made up three different cards that you can download and print out below. Using yarn, tie your bee to the front of the card and give your Valentine something extra special this year!  Continue reading Free Pattern: Burt the Baby Honey Bee

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TurboTax Inspired Teddy Bear

Storyland Amis-TurboTax Inspired Teddy Bear Amigurumi

Hey, all! As most of you probably know, I don’t usually take custom orders unless they’re really special. I prefer to focus on developing new patterns and then selling those finished animals that I have as a result of testing my own patterns. But every once in awhile I’ll get a custom request that I just can’t refuse!

A couple weeks ago I received one of those requests and I just had to take it on! The customer requested a TurboTax inspired teddy bear for his girlfriend’s birthday since she loves the little teddy bear from their commercial so much.  Continue reading TurboTax Inspired Teddy Bear

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Materials I Used – Cuddle-Sized Bluebird Pattern

Hey, all! Oliver the Bluebird’s pattern is now available for purchase! It got finished a little early, which is always exciting! You can purchase his pattern HERE.

I get asked a lot what the exact yarn and materials are that I use for my patterns, so I’ve gone ahead and listed the exact materials I used for Oliver and links to purchase them!


Yarn – For the blue, I used Red Heart Super Saver in the color “Turqua”. (I know, you would have never guessed). You can purchase it HERE.

For the yellow, I also used Red Heart Super Saver in the color, “Lemon”. (That’s easier to guess.) You can purchase it HERE.

Safety eyes – I used 15mm eyes for Oliver and I purchased them HERE. These are the best value I’ve found! If you’re interested in other safety eyes I use, take a look at my blog post HEREContinue reading Materials I Used – Cuddle-Sized Bluebird Pattern

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What I’m Working On

Hey, all! I recently put out a survey about my website asking for people’s feedback on how easy my website is to navigate and if there was anything that could be improved upon.

I received mostly positive feedback which I was thankful for and few people had anything to complain about.

I did really like some of the suggestions that ya’ll made, though!

Would you like to hear some of my favorites?

  1. Apparently, I need to update my blog more often with what I’m working on and pattern release updates. I didn’t realize that some of you go straight to the blog to see what’s up (rather than Facebook or Instagram), and I need to be updating it more regularly.
  2. More photos! Okay, I can do that! Everyone loves pictures, right?
  3. More giveaways and free patterns. Since I haven’t had a giveaway for at least four months, I would say that one is long overdue. Stay tuned! And free patterns? Absolutely! Stay tuned for that one too!
  4. Crochet along? What do you guys think? Would you be interested in doing a crochet along with me? Let me know!

Continue reading What I’m Working On