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Hey, ya’ll! I was excited when Andrea of Just Travel Shop contacted me and asked if I’d be interested in having a giveaway with her. Since my younger sister and I are going to be visiting my sister, Heidi who lives in Ecuador next year, I was very interested in collaborating with someone who sells travel accessories. I immediately fell in love with Andrea’s shop and all her cute products!

Andrea’s makes and sells cute and stylish travel wallets, luggage tags, makeup bags, and brush rolls. Her newest addition to her shop are these adorable, hand-embroidered pencil pouches! I think my favorite is the “Fine-apple” one! Such a cute pineapple and I love the bright and cheerful color. You can find it here.

Storyland Amis, Just Travel Shop, giveaway and review5

Andrea sent me this beautiful package.

Storyland Amis, Just Travel Shop, giveaway and review9

I love the detail on the packaging.

Storyland Amis, Just Travel Shop, giveaway and review10

And this is what was inside! Aren’t these perfect for summer travel? Or any kind of travel for that matter? You can find the set that Andrea sent me here.

Storyland Amis, Just Travel Shop, giveaway and review

So much detail! I was very impressed with how well-made each accessory was. And of course, because I’m a huge nautical fan, I fell in love with the navy blue/anchor theme.

Storyland Amis, Just Travel Shop, giveaway and review2

Here’s what it’s like inside the travel wallet.

Storyland Amis, Just Travel Shop, giveaway and review3

I have a weakness for things with compartments and pockets, so the storage space in this wallet makes me very excited!

Storyland Amis, Just Travel Shop, giveaway and review4

And then these beautifully made luggage tags that will make your luggage stand out from everyone else’s. (Goodbye fabric scraps and ratty Pom Poms!)

Storyland Amis, Just Travel Shop, giveaway and review6

To make our giveaway complete, I decided to design a little jellyfish key chain to include as one of the prizes. This is Sherry the Jellyfish. (Her free pattern is coming soon!)

Storyland Amis, Just Travel Shop, giveaway and review7

Now it’s time for the giveaway! *CLOSED* Andrea and I have teamed up to GIVE AWAY these prizes to one lucky winner!

  • Travel wallet
  • Two luggage tags
  • Sherry the Jellyfish key chain


Storyland Amis, Just Travel Shop, giveaway and review-edited

***To ENTER follow these rules:

  • Comment on this post and let us know what your favorite place to travel to is or where you’d like to visit someday.

That’s it! Oh, and you can also enter this giveaway on Facebook and Instagram to increase your chances of winning!

*CLOSED* Giveaway is open to residents of the U.S. and Canada only and will end on Saturday, August 12th at 8 p.m. MDT. One winner will randomly be chosen out of all the entries.

Be sure and connect with Andrea on her different accounts:


~Holly :)

Disclaimer: The travel set for this giveaway was provided by Andrea of Just Travel Shop, but all opinions expressed are 100% my own! :) 


6 thoughts on “Just Travel Shop: Review & Giveaway

  1. […] originally designed Sherry the Jellyfish for my giveaway with Just Travel Shop and made that particular one into a backpack clip! You could also make your jellyfishes useful by […]

  2. My favorite place to travel to is Nova Scotia because most of our family lives there so it’s always nice to visit.


  3. Would love to visit all the National Parks of the USA someday!

  4. My favourite place to travel to would be Switzerland: it has an efficient rail system (helps me coz I don’t drive) and the mountains are accessible! Love nature! :)

  5. I would love to go on a whale watch in Alaska one day!

  6. I love the new look to your blog, Holly! It’s really professional. :D

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